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Episode 14 – Motorcycles

Alrighty. So this week is all about the motorcycles. From freedom to what I think about them. Some pro’s and con’s, I mean c’mon, your not gonna be going to the lumber yard anytime with a motorcycle. I mean, you could, but it isn’t wise. Motorcycles can be a huge[…]

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Episode 12 – Vaping

So this week is about Vaping or Aroma Therapy or whatever you want to call it. I answer questions about vaping, like is it safe? Do they explode? Where to find help. Remember it’s ok to ask questions. Always the best advice, ask the people who sell it as their[…]

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Episode 11 – Hacking

So this week is about hacking. Computer hacking, why people do it, and the thought of a lifetime. A true hacker could escape with someone else’s identity if they wanted to. Most hackers are either out to get money, by disruption or by trade, and then there are those who[…]

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Episode #10 – Poverty

This weeks episode is all about being poor. I mean poverty. Lets face it, the world is in trouble. Poverty has grown out of control and no one can stop it. But should poverty ever stop existing, the so would commerce in the form of currency. If money ever disappeared[…]

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Double Episode Tonight

Due to unforeseen events, I had to add last weeks episode on Bullying to this weeks episode on Guns. At first I discuss what comes to mind when I hear the word “Bully”. I move onto discussing the different kinds and how children are more affected by them than adults.[…]

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This weeks episode

This weeks episode has been put on hold due to an  “act of God” so they say. A microburst caused a large tree limb to not only break off, but twist, missing our neighbors house but still take out our power line. Even took the meter box off the back[…]

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