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Episode #4 – Racism

This weeks episode covers two things. Racism based on skin tone and Racism based on words. What I mean by words, is old school words like the N-bomb that some Artists like to use in their music. And like I mention in the podcast, the best way to beat it,[…]

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Episode #3 – Stolen Valor

So tonights episode was on Stolen Valor. I describe the history of it and why it’s important. The biggest take I can always tell people is this: Don’t Do it. Just because Vets do it doesn’t give you or anyone the right to do it. We (the vets) have earned[…]

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Linkin Park

It’s sad to hear about the recent passing of the Lead Singer from Linkin Park. But he chose his way to go instead of letting life choose for him. Our condolences goes out to the family of Chester Bennington. But also to the Family that is Linkin Park. Remember, Linkin[…]

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This episode I discuss Snowflakes and PTSD. How they don’t relate to be specific. I also touch a bit on Stolen Valor, but the rest of that topic will be saved for another discussion. Show notes: So today I talk about how snowflakes should not be using the term “PTSD”[…]

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Want Us to talk about something specific?

Hey greaseballs, listen up. If you want us to talk about something specific on the show, let us know. Message us up on Twitter or Facebook or use that Contact button, fill out the form, and lets us know.   If you want to be part of the show, hell,[…]

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